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Quentin Wilson Publishing is a Christchurch-based independent publishing house. Its publisher, Quentin Wilson, brings with him more than three decades of experience in all aspects of book publishing. As a publisher, he has, under different imprints, brought to publication more than 1,000 titles. QWP offers experience in all areas including professional editing and book design, international rights sales, publicity and marketing, sales and distribution, and commissioning new titles. QWP publishes in the areas of general non-fiction, gardening, cookery, hunting and fishing, biography, historical fiction, crime fiction, and speculative fiction, publishing commercially between 6 and 8 titles a year.

Quentin Wilson Publishing also acts as a book publishing consultant to those wishing to self-publish. While accepting in such situations only manuscripts that are already of a highly publishable standard (or considered promising enough to be raised to such a standard), QWP can support this process by offering services in the areas of manuscript assessment, professional book editing and proofreading, book design and page layout, local and international book printing management, sales and distribution, media publicity, and marketing.

Any combination or feature of the services above is also offered to small or larger publishers seeking to utilise them, especially, for example, when dealing with international printers.

105 Moncks Spur Road, Redcliffs, Christchurch 8081
Telephone 03 384 1778 or 027 505 8383

Quentin Wilson, Publisher

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