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Career & Training Opportunities

PANZ is committed to maintaining and encouraging a high standard of professionalism within our industry. We are involved in a range of initiatives to assist publishers who are new to the industry, and to ensure that existing personnel enjoy ongoing professional development opportunities.

PANZ Training Programme

The CLNZ-funded training programme consists of three parts: the Mentoring Programme, aimed at business owners, upper management and mid-career professional; the International Career Development Fund, aimed at senior and intermediate staff; and the Workshop Programme, designed to deliver to the needs of our members and support PANZ’s vision for a thriving, sustainable and inclusive publishing industry.

The biennial PANZ International Conference and PANZ Retreat further support the programme.

The PANZ Workshops and Conference are open to non-members.  To sign up for notifications about these events click here

PANZ Training Programme is supported by the CLNZ Publisher Training Fund – one of the annual investments made from the CLNZ Cultural Fund.