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Career & Training Opportunities

PANZ is committed to maintaining and encouraging a high standard of professionalism within our industry. We are involved in a range of initiatives to assist publishers who are new to the industry, and to ensure that existing personnel enjoy ongoing professional development opportunities.

PANZ Training Programme

PANZ has restructured the CLNZ-funded training programme to make publisher training more targeted, and to achieve maximum impact for members.

The programme now consists of three parts: the Mentoring Programme, aimed at business owners and upper management; the International Career Development Fund, aimed at senior and intermediate staff; and the Workshop Programme, aimed at new and intermediate-level employees but open to all members of PANZ.

The biennial PANZ International Conference and PANZ Retreat further support the programme.

The PANZ Workshops and Conference are open to non-members.  To sign up for notifications about these events click here

PANZ Training Programme is supported by the CLNZ Publisher Training Fund – one of the annual investments made from the CLNZ Cultural Fund.