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PANZ Workshops

PANZ Workshops


The PANZ Workshop Programme is designed to deliver to the needs of our members and support PANZ’s vision for a thriving, sustainable and inclusive publishing industry.

The biennial PANZ International Conference and PANZ Retreat further support the programme.

Access to recordings of the online workshops below are available to purchase: $20 plus GST for PANZ members and $45 plus GST for non-members

Diversity and Publishing Workshop with Anton Blank

Workshop series, September & December 2020 & July 2021

Diversity and Publishing led by Oranui Director Anton Blank.

The workshop explores the three key areas outlined below:

  • The case for diversity
  • New Zealand diversity
  • Biculturalism

Access to the recordings of all sessions available for $30 plus GST  PANZ members or $60 plus GST for non-members.

Social Media Strategy for Educational Publishers

16 June 2022

Join Claire o’Connell of The Classroom for an update on social media strategy and how you can make it work for your business. Claire will lead you through current social tools and trends, work through a social media strategy for you and your business and share her knowledge on all the tips and tricks you need to reach your target market, with a focus on international customers.

Recording available at a cost of $20 plus GST for PANZ members or $45 plus GST for  non-members

Social Media Workshop – What’s Hot & What’s Not

19 May 2022

Social media wizard, Claire O’Connell from The Classroom takes an in depth look at what’s trending in the world of books and social media. Pitched at publicity professionals, Claire goes deep into effective campaign strategies, what’s working (or not) for TikTok, Instagram and Facebook and will help you to elevate your strategies.

Recording available to PANZ members $20 plus GST or $45 plus GST for non-members.

PANZ webinars

PANZ regularly hosts free webinars on key industry topics for PANZ members.  Details of previously held webinars are below.
Recordings are available for PANZ members to view.  Contact Katherine Shanks for details.

Overthinking with Gwendoline Smith

10 September 2021

The very fabulous Gwendoline Smith, clinical psychologist and author of multiple bestselling books including The Book of Angst, The Book of Knowing and The Book of Overthinking (published by Allen & Unwin NZ) talks us through the problem of ‘overthinking’, a form of anxiety that many people suffer from. Gwendoline will help to explain this common problem and provide some practical advice for overcoming it.

Te reo webinar with Hemi Kelly

17 September 2021

Celebrating Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori, Māori Language Week, in this webinar Hēmi Kelly (Ngati Maniapoto and Ngati Tahu-Ngati Whaoa) delivers a lively and engaging session for those keen to build their confidence in te reo. Hēmi is a full-time lecturer in te re Māori at the Auckland University of Technology and his academic research and writing focus largely on the revitalisation of the Māori language and translation studies. His books include A Māori Phrase a Day and A Māori Word a Day both published by Penguin Random House.

Publishing Costings Webinar

Friday 6 May 2022

As publishers are all too aware, the current environment makes the tricky matter of book costings even more of a juggling act. But help is at hand – publishing powerhouses Sam Elworthy, Director Auckland University Press and Melanie Laville-Moore, Managing Director, Allen & Unwin take a deep dive into the ins and outs of costing your books. They go over all that you need to know when you’re budgeting your projects, including:

  • Estimated costs, actual costs and publishing margins
  • How to balance your plant costs, print and shipping and overheads
  • Ways to manage your inventory and write downs
  • How your individual book costings impact your company bottom line

Export Marketing with Gecko Press Publisher Julia Marshall

Friday 13 May 2022

Gecko Press Publisher/CEO and PANZ Council member Julia Marshall chairs a discussion on the ever-changing export market. Fresh from PANZ’s hybrid presence at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in March our expert panel will be reviewing the highlights and looking towards our first stand at October’s Frankfurt Book Fair in three years.

Audiobooks webinar

15 November 2022

Theo Gibson, CEO and Founder of Audiobooks New Zealand leads a presentation and Q&A covering how to make and distribute an audiobook in New Zealand. Theo takes you through the production process, looking at the dos and don’ts of audiobook production.

The session covers all the steps of the audiobook production process including production delivery timelines and production costing. It  also looks at how to distribute your audiobooks, taking a look at the different audiobook platforms and why and why not to distribute through them. And finally, it  covers the different audiobook sales models and how to get the best return on your investment.

Moving Forward in the New Normal

22 November 2022

Sara Davies from Kinetic Recruitment  delivers the webinar – Moving Forward in the New Normal to help you and your teams to explore ways of working in the current climate and will touch on teams and connections and how to maintain a good life/ work balance. Sara has a background in business coaching, strategic consulting, recruitment and business ownership, and is a specialist in the wellness area helping businesses improve team culture and performance by introducing wellbeing initiatives to look after their employees.

Sales Insiders

11 May 2023

Join a panel of sales experts to dig deep into the role that a sales teams plays in publishing houses. Suzy Maddox, National Sales Manager, Hachette Aotearoa New Zealand, is joined by sales professionals Rachel Dellow (Penguin Random House NZ), Tammy Ruffell (Archetype), and Sharon Galey (Hachette Aotearoa NZ).  Together they dive into a range of sales-related matters.

How to be an Amazon Ninja

27 April and 4 May 2023

There is so much more to Amazon than meets the eye and a good listing can help to track sales and marketing efforts, provide useful analytics, track customer reviews and identify keyword rankings. Optimizing an Amazon listing can increase the likelihood of books appearing in all global and local relevant search results. Whether searching by topic, author name, or keywords, the options for maximising the use of these is easy to overlook or misunderstand.

In this two-part webinar Dixie shares insider secrets on how to best research and use keywords, metadata optimisation and formatting descriptions. Dixie is a member of PANZ and has a strong track record of supporting publishers and writers locally and internationally.

Bookfairs are Back

28 April 2023

Hot off the heels of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, PANZ is straight into planning our stand at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October. This session offers insider perspectives on the do’s and don’ts of attending an international book fairs and  trends in global right sales.

Creative Rights for Creative People

13 July 2023

One of the challenges we creative people face is that common knowledge of copyright is sometimes at variance with the actual law, leading to misunderstandings, infringements and confusion. Let’s talk about knowing and protecting our rights, why they exist and the cultural and financial value of our work and rights.

In this session presented by Copyright Licensing New Zealand (CLNZ), Karen Workman gives us an overview of our rights as creators, to build on our understanding and guide in strengthening business practices. Let’s demystify the Copyright Act, and learn how to “do the right thing” as we sharpen our business acumen and build a stronger creative platform.

Sustainability with Craig Gamble

6 July 2023

Craig Gamble, PANZ Councillor for Sustainability, and industry professionals dives into publishing specific sustainability issues and takes a look at resources available to aid members with their sustainability journey.

Audiobook Funding webinar

15 September 2023

A webinar to address all your burning questions about the Audiobook Funding project. Led by Kevin Chapman and Claire Murdoch of the Audiobook Funding Steering Group, this webinar includes an overview of the process to date, look at some of the key points from A Guide to Audiobook Production and Distribution in Aotearoa New Zealand and talk through the funding process.

Theo Gibson of Audiobooks NZ also shares details about services provided by Audiobooks NZ.

Audiobook Production

24 November 2023

Chaired by Claire Murdoch, PANZ President, Publisher at PRH and audiobook producer extraordinaire, this webinar provides a huge amount of infomration about the nuts and bolts of creating audiobooks including:

Distributing your audiobook: Metadata, file management and what the platforms want

Jeff Atkinson, Production Manager, Penguin Random House

Project management and in-studio production: Tips and tricks for editors making English, te reo Māori and Pacific language audiobooks

Don Long, Lift Education and Grace Thomas, Penguin Random House

Narrating audiobooks: Sound advice

Elisabeth Easther, actor, narrator and writer 

Recording at home: An audiobook engineer’s tips on recording, editing and file-checking

Andrew McDowall, Digicake Ltd. 

Recording and engineering in-studio: what to expect

The Depot studio 

Making an AI audiobook Q&A

The PANZ Workshops and Conference are open to non-members.  To sign up for notifications about these events click here