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Auckram Publishing are a couple, Don Auckram & Sue Heazlewood of Ohoka in North Canterbury. Our property is called Tangleby. We formed the company in May 2021 with the idea of writing and self-publishing our own books. Sue has a passion for cooking and children. This passion she combined in our first publication Tails of Tangleby Gardens 11 chapters on a story of woodland creatures with 40 recipes that children could learn to cook. She soon followed this book with an adult recipe book A Table at Tangleby which has 170 recipes, with QR codes and beautiful photography of the food and scenes from Tangleby. In 2023 Auckram Publishing has published two more, A Table at Tangleby II in April and Tails of Tangleby Gardens 2 in August. Two more publications in the ‘Tails’ series and smaller version of ‘Table’ are planned.

Both A Table at Tangleby and Tails of Tangleby Gardens 2 have been shortlisted for the 2023 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards to be held in Saudi Arabia in November.  Tails of Tangleby Gardens 2 is nominated in two award categories; Oceania Children’s Books, and Illustrations and A Table at Tangleby is nominated in the Entertaining awards category.

Don is a historian and is working on his first publication, hopefully published by the end of next year. We run our own website and social media sites on Facebook and Instagram. It’s been quite a journey, huge learning curve for us both, and are keen to continue that learning to get bigger and better.

Don Auckram, Manager Auckram Publishing