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New Zealand is a small country that has had a large impact on educational developments worldwide. We are famous for the quality of our teachers, the progressive nature of our education system, and the innovative approach of our publishing sector.

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A proud history of exporting educational success

Educational leadership

New Zealand-designed educational resources have been used in schools around the world for over 40 years. Our curriculum, from early childhood right up to tertiary and vocational study, is valued and often adapted by other countries.

Our test results have for many years been among the highest in the OECD nations. We first caught the attention of the world for our literacy achievement in 1970 when New Zealand 15 year-olds topped a survey involving 15 countries.


An industry is built

Dame Marie Clay’s leadership of the Reading Recovery approach led to a new export industry and revenue streams as the Reading Recovery movement spread to other English-speaking countries, notably the USA.

With New Zealand publishers and educators in such demand a highly skilled publishing industry began, led by pioneers Wendy Pye and Joy Cowley.

More than 30 active educational publishers offering you content and expertise

Today, a large group of New Zealand publishers offers a wide range of topics across early childhood, elementary, high school, tertiary and adult learning.

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Serving more than 60 countries

The New Zealand educational publishing industry now serves more than 60 countries, across many languages, and includes much more than literacy publishing – extending to ESOL, science, mathematics, and innovative new digital resources.

Serving the world’s largest publishers

Major multinational publishers regularly commission New Zealand content creators to design new materials that will be released worldwide under their brand name. As a result, local publishers are highly flexible and customised in their publishing approaches, and able to produce materials that are culturally attuned to the intended market.

A snapshot of New Zealand educational publishing

  • A pioneer in the design of effective educational resources
  • Over 30 active educational publishers 30% of revenues gained from exports
  • Major provider of literacy materials to Australia, the USA, Canada, the UK and increasingly Asian markets
  • Many years of developing educational content for major multinationals: Pearson, McGraw-Hill, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Scholastic etc
  • Fast-developing digital publishing capability

Innovative ideas made in New Zealand

  • The Big Book used for shared reading
  • The small book (8 and 16-page) used for small group reading
  • Reading Recovery – developed by Dame Marie Clay and her team
  • The Te Kohanga Reo movement developed for the preservation of New Zealand’s indigenous language and culture
  • Award-winning digital resources
  • Resources for disaster recovery

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To find out more about New Zealand’s educational publishing industry, contact Association Director Catriona Ferguson