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Promotion prompts change at the top for BPANZ

By February 12, 2008No Comments

A promotion and overseas posting for BPANZ President Michael Moynahan has led to his stepping down from the BPANZ role and the appointment of Tony Fisk as President.

Tony will take over the role of President of BPANZ until July 2008 when Council elections will take place. He is Managing Director of HarperCollins NZ Ltd, and has been a Council member for the past 5 years and Vice President for 3 years. BPANZ is delighted he has agreed to undertake this major role in the organisation.

Michael Moynahan has accepted the new position of Managing Director of Random Houuse India and will be relocating there early this year. Since becoming President in 2005, Michael has done a fantastic job for the organisation and the industry as a whole. The organisation has been restructured and the appointment of a full time Association Director, Anne de Lautour, last year has transformed its administration and effectiveness. Externally Michael’s ability to network with other agencies including government officers, departments and organisations has ensured that the importance of the publishing sector to the nation’s cultural and economic well being has been effectively represented with tangible benefits for all members.

Michael’s inclusive management style has ensured that the opinions and views of all members have been taken into full consideration by BPANZ Council. He leaves the organisation in a strong financial position and with the path ahead clearly mapped out.

BPANZ thanks Michael for his efforts on our behalf and we wish him and his family all the very best for their exciting new life in India.