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Sunshine Primary Club Digital package for the teaching of English

Book Author
Cowley, Joy; Cutting, Brian; Cutting, Jillian
Wendy Pye Publishing Ltd
Subscription website with 282 ebooks and activities
Educational category
Early Learning, Primary English Language
Number of titles in series
282 titles
Publication Date
Rights Available
U.K., Europe, Africa, Middle East, United States
Rights Enquiry Name and Email
Rights Sold
China, Australia, New Zealand
About the Book

The program offers teachers 200 fiction and nonfiction ebooks and 82 phonics ebooks. It is designed for individualised learning with tracking and management of data and feedback for the teacher. The flexibility of the program allows it to be used as an extension to support an English language program. Students can listen, read and speak as they progress. It is widely accepted that readingĀ  a wide variety of texts has significant benefit for the language learner. Sunshine Primary Club provides language learners with the opportunity to:
* Consolidate and build vocabulary
* Contribute towards learner autonomy by reading in their own time
* Encounter words and phrases in context multiple times
* Work offline at their own pace with data saved for the teacher’s assessment and for the student to understand their progress

About the Author

Brian and Jillian Cutting have written hundreds of books for Sunshine Books. Their texts cover a range of fiction, nonfiction and mathematics. They were both successful in their education profession before becoming such prolific authors.

Joy Cowley is a world-famous author of books for education, the trade and for young adults. Her humorous touch in her story telling is delightful for young readers, mixing fun with lots of words that make sounds and help children to discover a joy of reading.