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Sunshine Mathematics Digital package for the teaching of math concepts within literacy texts

Book Author
various including John Carr.
Wendy Pye Publishing Ltd
Subscription website with 91 ebooks and activities, 3 teachers' books, 3 activity books, assessment sheets
Educational category
Early Learning, Primary Mathematics
Number of titles in series
91 titles
Rights Available
Non-exclusive China, Europe, Africa, Middle East and United States
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Rights Sold
Non-exclusive Asia, Australia, New Zealand
About the Book

The digital math collection for young students draws on the latest thinking about mathematics, together with theoretical developments from around the world about how children learn math. The program uses 91 ebooks and activities using games and animation. Some of the ebooks are straight reads followed by activities, songs and games; others have a halt within the ebook for children to react to it by showing their understanding of the math concepts.

About the Author

Fred Biddulph and Jillian Cutting were the developers of the program. They commissioned many authors to write literacy texts that combined a story with a math concept. One of the principal authors was John Carr who brings a special twist to his stories that delight children.  John Carr is a teacher and also a comedian. He has written many books and poems for children.