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Chavon Bringans, Upstart Press

By July 19, 2022August 2nd, 2022No Comments

Name: Chavon Bringans
Role: Publishing and Sales Assistant
Company: Upstart Press

My first job in publishing was: This one! Being the publishing and sales assistant for Upstart Press means that I am jumping from task to task constantly. They include liaising with printers and bookstores, keeping our title information up to date, organising sales material and a lot more. I am lucky enough to see the distribution side of publishing in this job, so I spend the occasional day helping out in the warehouse, which I love.

I’m currently reading: Aside from reading the new releases from Upstart Press, I am making
my way through Book Lovers. Topical right?

The thing that has surprised me most since I started my job is: How much my love for
spreadsheets has grown. I love a good conditionally formatted spreadsheet and in the past
few months I have used them to my advantage because keeping on schedule is important.

The thing I like best about working in publishing is: The books! It may seem cliché but as a lover of books, having them readily available at work is a dream come true. It is great way to
try different books especially ones outside of my comfort zone.