Eunoia Publishing Ltd

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Eunoia means ‘beautiful thinking’ and reflects our commitment to publishing only the very best creative writing by authors. We are an international company with offices in New Zealand and the UK, whose express aim is to publish books that rival those of everyone else. We believe that a book should be a work of art in every way and are dedicated to making this a reality.

Rod Fee

Tel: +64 (0) 22 156 1779

PO Box 33890, Takapuna, Auckland 0740

Frances Plumpton Literary Agency

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Frances Plumpton brings her extensive experience as a children’s librarian to her agency which represents New Zealand children’s and young adult authors and illustrators.

And now, a touch of Australia, Frances is representing international rights for Ford Street Publishing, Australia.

PO Box 15061, New Lynn, Auckland, 0640
Phone 09 8276785

Frances Plumpton

Edify Ltd – a sales team that ‘fuels learning’

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edify-ltdWhen Adrian Keane successfully negotiated a contract with Pearson Australia to become the sales agent for Pearson lists in New Zealand some eleven months ago, he faced two immediate challenges. One was staff and premises, the other ‘what do we call our new company’.

The first need was the easiest to meet. Adrian and his wife Ingeborg had identified spacious, sunny office premises in Auckland suburb Northcote, literally down the street from their home. Staff did not present any problems either, with key team members available including ‘molto experienced’ tertiary rep Max Loveridge.

Adrian KeaneFinding the name for the new business was much harder. Words were proposed, dictionaries consulted and Edify was the choice. Adrian (pictured right) says that all dictionaries include a ‘helps you learn’ interpretation of the word, as in the use ‘edifying experience’. Younger people thought the ‘fy’ ending related to technology, an analogy that appealed and the all important web domain name was available. Now the word is part of company lore… as in “Have you Edified that document yet?”

Edify Ltd is the sales team for Sunshine Books in New Zealand as well as being the sales agents for Pearson. There’s a quiet hum in the large main office, with workstations around the perimeter. So far, so normal, but the patch of green in the centre of the room isn’t pot plants, it is a pool table. Friday night drinks always means pool challenges – of the 17 Edify personnel, only one does not play! Pictured below at the pool table Irene Agar, company accountant (left) and (right)  marketing executive Holly Robinson.“Educational publishing is in an incredibly transforming and disruptive era,” Adrian believes. “It is like a learning engine in which print is only one of the parts. Everything is on the internet; the student can access many new sources of information without going near the traditional print based sources of learning.

“The traditional text industry will have to continue to make radical change to stay relevant in an environment where books can be sourced from around the globe.

“We are losing business and university bookshops are losing business – we’re all having to reassess what our position in the value chain really is, and whether our customers share our view of how much value we’re actually providing.”

Edify office pic_small

Irene Agar, company accountant (left) and (right) marketing executive Holly Robinson.

Edify supplies books to all three education levels beginning with primary, which Adrian rates the toughest market. “Primary schools are all individual economic units who make their own decisions about content and learning materials. Buying can sometimes appear to be ad hoc. When our reps arrive for appointments at schools they are often told

“You should have been here last week – we spent our budget then.”

“There is an incredible amount of digital and print resources for primary schools, but they’re expensive to provide, yields are lower and schools are reluctant to pay for digital despite it representing extreme value compared to print. At the same time, publishers need to monetise their digital investment if they are to continue to innovate.”

The scenario is better at secondary level, but it is tertiary texts and material which remain the most remunerative area, says Adrian. Edify also represents Pearson’s computer list in this country.Edify Ltd manages the sales and marketing of Pearson products locally, but uses United Book Distributors based in Australia to manage the physical distribution.

A unique aspect of Edify, particularly in the primary school market, is that the sales team are on salary rather than commission: “I think people on salary do the best job, as they tend to focus on selling what the customer needs, even being prepared to walk away from an opportunity if the product is not really aligned with the customer’s goals. With commission sales people, they push the products that will give them a sale ‘now’ and this doesn’t always equate to the best interest of a customer.”

Currently Edify has no publishing wing, but that is an ambition for the future, Adrian admits. “We’re negotiating with Pearson to take over the New Zealand lists, particularly in secondary and tertiary. We’re excited about the opportunity to put a fresh lens on what is arguably the broadest and most successful domestic educational publishing list ever produced,” he says. “Watch this space!”

Flying Start Books

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At Flying Start Books we believe literacy is the key to success in life, so we’re passionate about giving children a flying
start by launching them into literacy. This core belief is at the heart of our Red Rocket Readers Series.

Developed by New Zealand reading specialist and author Pam Holden, this exciting, award-winning reading program
offers more than 600 illustrated fiction and photographic non-fiction titles at graded levels, perfect for Guided Reading,
Reading Recovery, ESL, ELL and other Special Needs applications.

First published in 2003, Red Rocket Readers are available in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, China,
Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. We also offer an innovative sales channel as a
wholesale distributor for other New Zealand publishers, seeking entry to the he highly competitive US K-12 market.

13/45 Karepiro Drive, Auckland, 0932
Phone +64 9 428-0294

Sarah Ensor

Edify Ltd

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Edify Ltd

Distributor of books and educational resources.

Edify can provide outstanding print and digital content and solutions to support outstanding outcomes for learners. We are active at every level of the curriculum from Early Childhood education through to Post-Graduate.

We are a New Zealand owned and operated company representing Pearson,  a global powerhouse of innovation and excellence in educational services and solutions.

We look forward to helping you create outstanding opportunities for your learners to excel.

39 Woodside Avenue, Northcote, 0627
Phone 09 972 9428

Adrian Keane

Beatnik Publishing

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Beatnik is an invigorating hub of creativity with a talented core staff of designers, photographers and illustrators working together to publish beautiful books.

To ensure we fulfil the visions of the authors we work with, every project with us is a complete collaboration. We’re known for producing vibrant and meaningful books that are exquisitely designed and intimate in their approach. We are continually expanding our small but perfectly formed catalogue that already spans genres as varied as cookery, children’s tales, poetry, art and street culture.

We have a team of talented designers who create our books. We also handle all the production work, which includes editing, arranging the printing, shipping and working with our distributors – all to our high and exacting standards. We have a dedicated publicist who talks to media about Beatnik books and guides authors through the promotional side of book publishing.

When we’re not making books into works of art, we turn our design skills to other areas — including but not limited to annual reports, brochures, or whatever else you, your company, charity, or any other group require. We are always on the lookout for business development and sales opportunities for our authors in New Zealand, and rights opportunities overseas.

Take a look at our catalogue here or contact us to discuss your latest idea.

PO Box 8276, Symonds Street, Auckland 1150, New Zealand

Sally Greer

Sales/Distribution: David Bateman Ltd

Exisle Publishing

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Exisle Publishing is an independent publisher of non-fiction, covering a broad range of subject areas including self-help, health, lifestyle, sports, equestrian, maritime, biography, history, business and children’s books. Exisle publishes from offices in Australia and New Zealand and sells co-editions and translations around the world.

EK Books – Books with Heart on Issues that Matter

Five years ago, EK Books set out on a mission to publish children’s books on themes that other publishers fear to touch.

Our books are crafted by authors and illustrators whose backgrounds include teaching and psychology. These creators have a knack for unpacking complex issues, making them engaging and memorable for even our youngest readers.

Of course, while our books often focus on heavy issues, we aren’t afraid to tackle lighter subjects as well. And even the darkest themes contain a message of hope and optimism.

It’s no surprise that our gorgeous books with their great characters and glorious illustrations have seen EK go from strength to strength. We have been recognized by the Children’s Book Council of Australia, were recently nominated for Publisher of the Year at the Bologna Book Fair, and have received coverage in international media including The Guardian. Available in all English speaking countries and in translation across Europe and Asia, EK Books provides hope, heart and entertainment for children worldwide.

For more info and to download teacher notes go to:

Sales and Distribution
Renee Hollis

Postal address: 226 High Street, Dunedin 9016

Phone: +64 3 477 1615

CEO and Founder of Exisle Publishing, Gareth St John Thomas

General & Production Manager
Carole Doesburg

Publisher EK Books
Anouska Jones


Essential Resources

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Essential Resources is a successful and innovative educational publisher, entirely New Zealand owned. Trading on New Zealand’s history of high student achievement, which consistently puts it in the top tier of countries in international studies, we produce practical, curriculum-linked resources and digital planning tools for educators from early childhood to secondary school levels. These products are held in high regard and are used in many markets around the world.

Our team of experienced authors, designers, editors and IT experts is committed to producing best-quality products and services that meet the needs of educational settings in the 21st century. The ongoing success of Essential Resources reflects our ability and flexibility to continually produce market-specific educational resources that both support educators and inspire students.

165B Spey Street, Invercargill 9810
PO Box 5036, Waikiwi, Invercargill 9843
Phone 0800 087 376 Fax 0800 937 825

Nicola Smith, Managing Director

ESA Publications (NZ) Ltd

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ESA Publications is a long established educational publisher with over 300 Study Guides and Workbooks for primary and secondary school ages covering The New Zealand Curriculum and NCEA.

Publishing is in-house with the support of outside editors and illustrators.

ESA Publications has been a subsidiary of The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand since early 2016.

We are proud to be 100% New Zealand owned and operated.

Postal address:
Private Bag 31914
Lower Hutt 5040

Physical address:
14/180 Montgomerie Road
Auckland 2022
Tel 09 256 0831 Fax 09 256 9412

Andrea Tamatea, Operations Manager