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Visiting Author: Phil Tchernegovski

By January 28, 2015No Comments

GoH_Logo_BlackPhil Tchernegovski

Phil Tchernegovski was born in West Auckland in 1952, the second eldest of 11 children. He recently completed Mountain of The Sleeping Moon, which is published in Taiwan. He tells the story of his search for his son Reuben who disappeared without trace in 1998 while tramping in Taiwan’s rugged and majestic Ali Mountain forest.

Phil is the proud father of four wonderful children including Reuben. Reuben was a promising medical student who planned to continue his interest in cancer research as a surgeon.

Phil is a sculptor and has twice received the International Fletcher Pottery Award.

During the time he spent in Taiwan in 1998 searching for Reuben, he was involved in teaching about New Zealand and art-ceramic sculpture in local schools. He was the subject of TV documentaries and was involved in cultural exchanges with the Taiwanese people. Phil returned to Taiwan in 1999 to help with the earthquake rebuild in Sunmoon Lake. He has returned to Taiwan more than 10 times to be where his son lies and to see his many lifelong friends.