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Visiting Author: Joy Cowley

By October 29, 2014No Comments


Joy Cowley imageThe first time I used chopsticks, was in Taipei in June 1970. They were plastic chopsticks and the dish was abalone and straw mushrooms. It was slow eating!

 After 45 years of practise, I am familiar with chopsticks and eager to return to the city of fine Asian food.





Joy Cowley was born Levin 1936, 4 children, 13 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren.

Married to Terry Coles. Patron Storylines. Writer and teacher of writing. 21 years on faculty of Highlights summer writing schools USA.

Books for adults: 7 novels, 2 volumes of short stories, 5 volumes of spiritual reflections.

Books for children: 1100 early reading books,  57 picture books, 4 collections short stories, 17 novels.

Hobbies: Spinning/knitting, woodturning, painting

Awards/Honours: See website:

Title info:

Snake and Lizard and Snake and Lizard: Friends  are published in Taiwan by Children’s Publications Limited.

Contact: Robert Lin, Chairman

Stories of the Wild West Gang will be published in January 2015 by Linking Publishing Company.

Speed of Light will be published before TIBE 2015 by Linking Publishing Company

The Greedy Cat series will be published before TIBE 2015 by Linking Publishing Company

Contact: Shan-Yuan Lee, Rights Manager