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Publishers Association of New Zealand Welcomes Progress on Copyright Act Review

By November 26, 2018November 5th, 2019No Comments

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26 November 2018: for immediate release

Publishers Association of New Zealand welcomes progress on Copyright Act Review

The Publishers Association of New Zealand (PANZ) has welcomed the release by the Government of the Issues Paper on the Review of the Copyright Act.

The New Zealand publishing industry makes a major contribution to the nation’s cultural and economic wellbeing. Our members are local independents and large international publishers, educational and trade publishers, publishers for adults and for children, for students and professionals – combining to produce over 2000 new titles a year.

This investment by New Zealand publishers is only possible with a robust copyright framework that allows creativity to flourish. Good copyright law enables authors and publishers to be rewarded for their hard work, and underpins a healthy intellectual property marketplace.

As active buyers and sellers of copyright, publishers have a vested interest in a balanced and efficient regime, one that offers clarity and certainty for all.

“New Zealand has good copyright law, but we think it could be better,” said PANZ President Peter Dowling. “The review of the Copyright Act is an important opportunity to reinforce the incentives to create and innovate that distinguish what our authors and publishers do in New Zealand and abroad.”

“We need copyright law that gives New Zealand creators control over their global aspirations, that is effective in digital as well as in print, that uses licensing and exceptions to minimise transaction costs when required, that offers affordable means for enforcement, and that harmonises our law with those of our key trading partners.”

“PANZ believes that better copyright law will enable the growth of New Zealand publishing and the wider creative economy on which much of our nation’s future economic growth depends.”

“We commend the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment on the work that has gone into the preparation of this Issues Paper and we look forward to continuing our close engagement with the Review process.”



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