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Nicola Whitley, Nicola Jae Publishing

By September 13, 2021No Comments

Name: Nicola Whitley
Role: Publisher
Company: Nicola Jae Publishing

My first job in publishing was: Actually, this is the start of my publishing road. Surrounded by many books in our household, I was taught early on to respect the power of reading books. Being a confident creative, I’ve enjoyed every part of the book creation process. As well as through to the marketing and sales side too. I love to work close to the daily functions of this small business. There’s always plenty to do.

I’m currently reading: An older Readers Digest book named Almanac of the Uncanny, from my dad’s library.

My biggest career highlight in publishing has been: Every book re-order has me smiling. However my highlight would have to be with the individual people, along with the community of publishers and bookstores that I’ve been involved with so far. It’s a wonderful industry full of passionate people, and I’m thoroughly enjoying these connections.