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By July 17, 2008No Comments

Jerry Rickman, Chair of state-owned enterprise Learning Media Limited, yesterday announced the resignation of its Chief Executive, Gillian Candler.

In doing so, and on behalf of the company’s board, he paid tribute to the significant contribution that Gillian Candler has made to the company during her employment with it, which has included almost six years as Chief Executive.

“Gillian brought a host of skills and attributes to her work, not the least of which has been her strong commitment to enabling teachers and students, in New Zealand and internationally, to achieve. Indeed, it is Gillian’s love of education and working directly with teachers, and on developing innovative resources, that has prompted her decision to shift to the new role of educational consultant and writer.

“She does so with the Board’s sincere appreciation for her principled leadership, and our very best wishes for the future,” concluded Jerry Rickman.

Gillian Candler will leave her current position in November 2008, by which time the Board expects to have appointed a replacement.

Gillian has been an active and supportive BPANZ Councillor and we wish her well. BPANZ President Tony Fisk has this to say:

“Gillian’s contribution to the BPANZ council has been tremendous. A councillor since 2006, Gillian’s knowledge and experience in the areas of educational and digital publishing both in terms of domestic and international sales has been invaluable. Her solid good sense and business acumen have also been a great asset to the council.

On behalf of all members we wish her every success and happiness in her new life and thank her for her unselfish contribution to BPANZ.”