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Keryn Modricker, Wendy Pye Publishing / Sunshine Books

By August 8, 2018August 23rd, 2018No Comments

Name: Keryn Modricker
Role: Production Co-ordinator (jack-of-all-trades)
Company: Wendy Pye Publishing Ltd/Sunshine Books

My first job in publishing was: As above (12.5 years on!) but my role has grown in more ways than I would have ever expected and I enjoy working closely with every department and member of our team (locally and internationally).

I’m currently readingIris Grace by Arabella Carter-Johnson. I’ve stopped and started this book in between reading others because it’s a book I don’t want to finish. It’s charming, beautiful and uplifting.

My biggest career highlight in publishing was: I must admit there hasn’t been one definitive highlight (yet) because of the diversity of the (many, many) projects I have worked on. I’m simply proud that we’re working toward educating a more literate generation, teaching children to read, and using the tools/technology/experience available to us.