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Visiting Author: Heather McAllister

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Heather McAllisterI am really looking forward to visiting Taiwan, as a dear friend of mine lived there for several years and spoke very warmly of her experience there.  She talked about how hospitable and friendly the people of Taiwan are, and also what a rich cultural centre it is.  I’m so pleased that I will be finding out for myself very soon and look forward to enjoying the warmth of the people and exciting cultural experiences.


Heather McAllister developed an interest in career direction for teenagers when she managed the Student Recruitment team for the University of Auckland, New Zealand.  In her role she spent several years counselling and advising students regarding the transition from secondary to tertiary education.

For her Master’s thesis, she had researched authenticity or ‘what it is to be true to yourself’.  After studying career theory, she discovered that ‘knowing oneself’ is the best basis for career direction, so it was a good fit.  With her experience and research, she wrote the book, ‘Who You Are is What You Do – making choices about life after school’’ as an aid for students.

Heather was raised in Auckland and at the age of 12, went with her family to India where she completed her secondary education at an international school.  On her return to New Zealand she qualified as a teacher and later went to the University of Auckland to complete a BA and then an MA in philosophy and psychology.

She has three adult children and continues to work at the University of Auckland in a different role.

Title info:

Who You Are is What You Do – Making choices about life after School. is published by Emily Publishing in Taiwan

Contact: Emily, Ching-Chun Chuang