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HarperCollins New Zealand’s new agency launch signifies a strong new focus for the future

By February 19, 2019No Comments

On April 1st five leading publishers will come together under one umbrella for sales, marketing and distribution in New Zealand.

Exisle Publishing, Hardie Grant, Simon & Schuster, Walker Books plus Gecko Press (who are represented by Walker) will be represented by HarperCollins New Zealand’s newly developed Arotahi Agency.

In te reo Māori Arotahi means to focus or concentrate and this is exactly the ambition the team at HarperCollins New Zealand brings to the formation of this new agency.

The team behind Arotahi Agency comprises some of the most experienced and passionate members of the New Zealand publishing trade:

Karen Ferns, Head of New Zealand sales for HarperCollins and Arotahi

Matthew Simpson, Key Accounts Manager, Arotahi

Sandra Noakes, Marketing and Communications for HarperCollins and Arotahi

Inna Carson, Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator for Arotahi

For our wonderful booksellers, there will be some changes of face in sales: Matthew Simpson will maintain key accounts and visit some independent booksellers throughout the top half of the North Island; Richard Matthews will cover both Arotahi and HarperCollins in selected regions; two-times book industry sales rep of the year award-winner Tammy Ruffell will represent Arotahi solely in the lower half of the North Island and in Nelson; and Peter Levy will be representing both Arotahi and HarperCollins lists in the rest of the South Island.

Karen Ferns said, ‘It is great to be underway and watch the experienced HarperCollins team quickly and effectively apply their skills to the new opportunities Arotahi offers for our customers.’



For further information, please contact:

Sandra Noakes, T. 0275767675 or E.