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Guest of Honour status in Taiwan gives New Zealand huge visibility in that market

By February 19, 2015No Comments

GoH_Logo_BlackAerial view of the stand_croppedKiwi authors and publishers have been a welcome presence at the Taipei International Book Exhibition for some five years now, but our profile has never been higher than at this year’s six day festival which ended earlier this week.

“We enhanced our author and publisher relationships with their Taiwanese counterparts and our visibility extended to their wine consumers, students, indigenous authors and performers. Our aim was to promote New Zealand in as many ways as possible and I think we succeeded in that,” said Kevin Chapman, Project Director, NZ Guest of Honour, TIBE 2015.

“We really know we have made an impact when at the opening of TIBE, President Ma Ying-jeou walked around the stage shaking hands with dignitaries and saying Kia Ora!”