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Searching For Charlie: In Pursuit of the Real Charles Upham, VC and Bar

Book Author
Scott, Tom
Upstart Press
234 x 153mm
Hardback with jacket
Publication Date
August 2020
Rights Available
World excl New Zealand
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About the Book

Charles Upham was the most highly decorated soldier in the Commonwealth forces of WWII. An unassuming stock worker/ valuer at the beginning of the war, he stormed through Crete and the Western Desert amazing and confounding his comrades with his exploits. He won two Victoria Crosses (the only combat soldier ever to do so). Captured, he became an escape artist. Shy and reluctant to take credit for his actions, he deflected all praise onto his soldiers and was described as “distraught” that he had been honoured.

About the Author

Tom Scott is widely regarded as one of the finest writers New Zealand has ever produced. He has authored best-selling books and been on the frontline on New Zealand journalism for decades. He has won numerous awards, including the Qantas Award for New Zealand Cartoonist of the Year (seven times), Columnist of the Year, and Political Columnist of the Year (three times). He also won scriptwriting awards for Fallout and for View from the Top.