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Ripiro Beach: A memoir of life after near death

Book Author
Barron, Caroline
Bateman Books
234 x 153mm
Paperback with flaps
Publication Date
June 2020
Rights Available
World excl New Zealand
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Paul Bateman

Rights Sold
New Zealand
About the Book

Caroline Barron emerges from a traumatic birth experience a changed woman. She begins a relentless pursuit to uncover her family history in an attempt to make sense of her inexplicable rage. A powerful, brutally honest and beautifully written memoir that addresses the age-old questions: Does DNA write our destinies? Or do the hands that nurture triumph over nature?

About the Author

Caroline Barron is an award-winning writer, manuscript assessor, book reviewer and columnist. She has a Masters in Creative writing from the University of Auckland (2015) and once owned a leading model and talent agency.