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Auckland University Press celebrates 50 years of publishing

By April 18, 2012No Comments

Fifty years ago, Keith Sinclair and some University of Auckland colleagues first uttered the words ‘Auckland University Press’ and set about hiring an editor. Since then, Auckland University Press has become New Zealand’s leading scholarly publisher.

After 50 years, the publishing house thought it was time for a fresh look and a new way to talk to the world. Yesterday, they rolled out a new logo, new e-newsletter, new catalogue, new website, even a new-look office.

“Finding big ideas and turning them into books that change minds is what Auckland University Press is all about,” says Press director Sam Elworthy.

“That was true in 1962 and it’s true today. Now we reckon we’ve found a look and a language to embody those core values on book spines and imprint pages, at conferences and launches, on facebook and in our front window.”

The new look was designed by award-winning ALT Group, whose founders are University of Auckland alumni Ben Corban and Dean Poole.

“We loved what ALT had achieved working with the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival, the Museum and the Art Gallery. They brought a conceptual clarity to the job that got us thinking hard about what we do at Auckland University Press and how to communicate that vision to the world.”


Auckland University Press staff with key members of the Alt team and the new Press logo, L to R: Dean Poole, Sam Elworthy, Katrina Duncan, Christine O’Brien, Anna Hodge, Poppy Haynes, Ben Corban. Missing: Marian Hector (AUP). Photo credit: Godfrey Boehnke, University of Auckland.