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Mykiwi Publishing

Mykiwi Publishing publishes and promotes New Zealand Chinese writers, bilingual language and Chinese perspectives in literature. Mykiwi are the specialist in delivering New Zealand authors’ books in Chinese to over 1.3 billion people in China to enjoy New Zealand literature. Aiming to build a bridge between China and New Zealand in producing quality, innovative books, Mykiwi Publishing has made a number of publishing agreements with New Zealand local Chinese authors to publish their works in New Zealand and China.

In addition, Mykiwi Publishing is also an agent for book copyright trading. They have built wide relationships with more than 1,000 press and publishing houses in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and intend to build on copyright trade between New Zealand and China.

Nina Zhang
Tel: 09 6231638

PO Box 27846
Mount Roskill
Auckland 1440